An Open Letter to the Ocean

Dear Ocean, 

You amaze me. 

Wave after wave, your ceaselessness reminds me of God’s everlasting love for me. 

Seeing the ripples of your waves sparkle as the sun sets gives me a feeling of overwhelming joy. A joy bubbling up inside of me that I cannot contain and can only be matched with the joy that comes from Jesus. The way the light reflects off of your waves as they wash upon the shore leaves me in awe of our creator. It’s breathtaking. 

Sitting here at night listening to your calming sound puts me at ease. It leaves me with a feeling that I cannot seem to put into words. 

Thinking about your vastness reminds me of how much bigger God is. He is bigger than you and much bigger than me and anything I go through.  

Seeing your waves wash away the shells and the seaweed reminds me of God’s merciful forgiveness and love, that consistently and relentlessly washes away all my sins. 

There’s an ungraspable, indescribable quality about you that can only be explained by God. But as for right now, it’s a mystery. And that’s a good thing. That’s what draws people in to you is the allure that you hold so much more than we can see. You are larger that we can ever fathom. You’re overwhelmingly beautiful, and I love you. 


A girl who loves the ocean 



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