FUNdraising February

So, my month-long Guatemala mission trip is officially 5 short months away, and it’s time for some FUNdraising! When I went to Nicaragua two years ago, I decided to sell t-shirts to raise money and it was pretty successful, so I’m doing it again. This time, they are even better though! I have two different styles to choose from with an awesome design!

Before you buy the shirt though, I want to explain the reasoning behind it. So, it has Malachi 1:11 on it… What? You’ve never heard of that verse?! Neither had I until I read it a few months ago and knew that it would be perfect for this! The verse says,

“My name will be great among the nations… from where the sun rises to where it sets.”

This verse appears in the words God gave Malachi, and stands out from the rest of the chapter. For the whole first chapter of Malachi, God is telling the Israelites that he’s upset with them because they’ve forgotten him… They’ve turned away and defiled him… They’ve failed to honor him…They’ve found happiness in other things besides him… Does that sound like anyone you know? Because I think we are all guilty of that. Then there’s a big BUT. Even though all of God’s people mess up, he has a greater plan for them and he doesn’t give up on them. In the middle of this sad speech, he declares what will come. He says that his name will be great among the nations. ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! He knows that no matter how many times his people fall short of pleasing him, he will use them to make his name known. And even though he was talking to the Israelites, how much more does this apply to us today? We are his people and we are called to make his name known because we hold the hope that will restore even the most lost. That’s why I chose that verse.

So, these shirts are going to be $25 each, and if you want one of each or two of the same one, you can get two for $40 using the code BOTHSHIRTS in my Etsy Shop! The reason they are kind of expensive is that they are the comfort colors brand, which is super nice quality! These shirts are literally my very favorite! They are soft, thick, and fit perfectly! Also, it’s a fundraiser, so I need to actually make money off of them!

A SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t actually have these shirts right now! This is all pre-orders! I am doing it through Fund the Nations which helps missionaries raise money, so I will sell them the whole month of February, then place the order at the end of the month, and they will be in mid-march!

So now are you ready to see the shirts?! All you have to do is click on the one you want to buy, and it will take you to my Etsy shop where you can order it! And if you live near me and would like to pick them up, please just message me your order because then you won’t have to pay shipping! I would LOVE it if you could buy one (or maybe 3 or 4?) to support my mission trip! And if you just want to donate, click right here, choose Ambassador Program and type in Heather Galway, and the rest is self-explanatory! Thank you so much in advance for your support and prayers! Please contact me if you have any questions!


Heather GalwayShirt 1 Neon Red Orange 9360
Coral Comfort Colors Tank Top


Heather GalwayShirt 1 Pepper 6014
Gray Comfort Colors Long Sleeve


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