October’s Top 10

So, October went by in a breeze (a lovely fall breeze with leaves flowing through it, that is!). October is always a crazy and fun month in high school because of all the Homecoming and Halloween activities. So, here are my top ten things I did/learned/saw/ate/etc. this month!

  1. Going to the Extraordinary Women’s Conference with ladies from my church. It had AMAZING worship and teaching by some of the best Christian speakers in the country, including Tim Hawkins, MercyMe, Max Lucado, Angie Smith, Margaret Feinberg, and Kasey Van Norman. If you’re a woman (or a man who wants to be surrounded by thousands of women), I advise you to go next year!


  1. My second favorite thing of the month happened at E-women as well! I got to meet Michael and Erica from Spirit FM’s Morning Show! They make me laugh and brighten my day almost every morning, so it was really cool to meet them in person!
  2. Making new Liberty friends! We have an all girl’s group message of about 20 of us, and I now have friends that will be attending LU with me next year from Michigan, Tennessee, Arizona, Illinois, North and South Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Texas, Nevada, and New Jersey!
  3. Kelley Harris’s homemade chili. Mmm.
  4. At Fields of Faith

    Going to Waffle House for the first time EVER. And it was at 10pm with my best friend to make it even better.

  5. Preaching in church for the first time! It was scary and fun at the same time getting to speak in front of the whole congregation.
  6. Fields of Faith–always one of my favorites in October. It’s a night led by Fellowship of Christian Athletes where there’s worship and a great speaker, and so many people dedicate their lives to Christ. It makes me so happy.
  7. HOMECOMING WEEK! This encompasses my last powderpuff game (we are now back-to-back champions by the way!), homecoming football game (that the Bison WON!), dance (Shelby and I partied it up on the dance floor with all the other single people), and all the time I spent making decorations. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling having my last high school homecoming week. Oh, I also got to be a cow on the FCCLA homecoming float, and my princess wave that I gave the crowd as I sat on a child-sized tractor must have wowed everyone because our club won the float competition! Haha!

8. Exploring downtown Staunton. It really is a BEAUTIFUL city. Last Friday, our worship team had dinner at Baja and walked around. Then the next day, I had coffee with a friend at By & By and explored the rest of downtown, finding a new favorite store–Latitudes! They just opened about six weeks ago and have the cutest stuff–especially jewelry!

9. I think the highlight of my month was my trip down to Lynchburg. Shelby, Abby, and I went to Percival’s Island in downtown Lynchburg and look how beautiful it is! (picture below) Then we went to Chipotle for dinner, and it was Liberty’s homecoming weekend, but somehow we found a parking spot within a 10 minute walk to the Liberty bookstore because we wanted to walk around campus! After obsessing over my future school, we headed over to Scaremare and waited in line for almost two hours to be scared, and it was so worth it. We got home around midnight, and it was just the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

The Love sign at Pecival’s Island in Lynchburg
My family of crayons

10. The United Methodist Trunk-or-Treat at Gypsy Hill Park! There were at least 1,500 kids that week gave candy to! It was so fun getting to see all the cute little kid costumes!

I hope all of you had an amazing month this October too! Comment your favorite thing (or a few favorite things) that you did this month!



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