September’s Top 10

I want to start doing a monthly post about my ten favorite things of the month, whether it be something I discovered or something I ate or something I’m thankful for. So here goes my list of favorite things from September:

1. Pumpkin everything is back and it makes me so excited for everything Fall, because that’s my favorite season. I’ve had a pumpkin candle burning, my mom made some chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and I found some pumpkin coffee at TJ Maxx, and it just warms my heart.

2. I also came to realize how beautiful the mountains are that are around us in the Shenandoah Valley. From my house, I can see mountains on three different sides. I don’t know why I just realized it but it makes for some killer fall sunsets. Now I just can’t wait for the leaves to start changing.

3. Over Labor Day weekend, we got to take a weekend trip to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. The beach itself was a little chilly, and the waves were rough, but Abby and I had a great time shopping and eating.

4. Art Class is my favorite class I’ve ever taken. Period. I regret not taking Art I until my senior year.

5. Accountability group started with 5 other ladies from my church, and The Ekklesia (it means an assembly of gathered Christians in greek) is ready to shine Jesus’ light to the world!

6. I memorized all 27 Constitutional amendments and was able to teach them to my whole AP Gov class in 20 minutes thanks to the internet’s catchy tricks to remember them.

7. High School Football games are fun, even in the rain. I got to attend my first home game of the season and cheer on our undefeated Bison!

8. I have a weakness for crafty and cute things in the dollar sections. I splurged on some craft/office supplies at Michael’s, TJ Maxx, and Target and am so excited to use them all!

9. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at my school started up, and we have had about 30 people each week so far. I really hope that all the people will keep coming and bring friends. People are hungry for Jesus.

10. Last, but certainly not least, I got my acceptance letter from Liberty University on Monday, and now I am super excited to go off to college next year!!! Go Flames!!!!!!


September has been an insanely busy, yet fun, month for me, and I hope that yours has been great too! Think about something you did/learned/loved/etc. in September and leave it in the comments! Have a blessed week! I’ll have a normal blog post up again on Sunday!


3 thoughts on “September’s Top 10

  1. Ok! I love your fall picks! So I’ll share my top September 10:
    1. Seeing the dew on the bushes is exciting. It says “good bye summer” and “hello Fall”
    2. Foggy mornings. It looks like clouds have come down and life is so still.
    3. Seeing perfect spider webs everywhere outside because the dew makes them visible. How hard the spiders must have worked while I slept!
    4. Spotting the most colorful tree. This is a daily thing. I always challenge myself (and anyone in the car) to pick out the most beautiful tree we see on the way to school, church, store. Once you pick it, you can’t change your mind for that trip.
    5. Baking: anything with pumpkin, or cranberries or pecans or apples. YUM!
    6. Air! The temperature drops and you begin to “smell” Fall.
    7. Fire! In the fireplace, wood stove or homemade fire pit. The boys dug a pit at the edge of the yard. It’s perfect! More like a campfire!
    8. And of course that brings us to S’MORES!!!!! No need to explain that one!!
    9. Whirling leaf storms. All the colors swirling, our trees in the yard changing. Makes me want to grab up a blanket and wrap up the poor naked bare trees!
    10. September always makes me reflect. Where does the time go? How could my children be real adults and wonderful? When did that happen? Why are the stars so much brighter in late September? I don’t know how Father does all this, but I know why. . . . He loves you. And me.

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